Loops Of Zen

4.8 ( 1828 ratings )
Spiele Unterhaltung Bildung Puzzle
Entwickler Arend Hintze
1.99 USD

Solve the entangled loops!

Rotate all tiles until total harmony is restored. This award winning game is highly addictive. Just loose yourself in this puzzle and relax. The entirely new game concept lets you play and enjoy at your pace - this is truly a game to "just play". The 24 randomly generated levels guarantee endless puzzle-fun. The integrated level editor lets you experiment and experience the unique game mechanics, just draw and play!
Even solved levels have their own beauty.

Kongregate - Totally Awesome game bonus!
Mochiads - Flash Game Friday Winner 9/26

Tap each tile to rotate them, until no loop is open any more. Solved levels will turn to a black background. Use the << or >> button to navigate to any level you wish. In edit mode you can design levels yourself. Shake button randomizes the actual level. Reset will totally randomize all levels.

Enjoy, Dr. Arend Hintze